In his paintings the love for the great masters of the past shines clearly, these are often paid homage to and revisited in a modern and contemporary vein, the preferred support the canvas, the palette knife the means of imbuing his color, volume, dynamism and strong materiality.


Landscapes, made with a palette of light and vibrant colors, seem to open the inside to invite one to a new world, a world that allows the viewer to walk in nature, to experience the scents, the noises and to breathe the fresh air. Mountains, lakes and woods inspired by the beautiful and innumerable landscapes that surround his city.


There are also many nudes, almost always female, executed by brush in classic poses monochrome. These paintings are proof of the constant research on the part of the artist to create a perfect painting, unique glazing, unrepeatable curve, the brush stroke that makes it such a master.


In the most abstract and contemporary works the research, the study and experimentation of technique are visible, with more varied and improbable materials and backing, with ever new and surprising results.


On his canvases a path is visible that continues to evolve, that shows the attention and the love that the artist has for art, in all its forms, and is evident how thought was always turned to the Greats of the past and the eye was attentive to his more audacious contemporary colleagues. This 360 degree vision of his, from the most classical old masters to the most abstract contemporary experimenters allowed him to seek in his canvas a composition, a form, a thought, a message ever new cast towards the future.


Critical text by Cristina Aglietti reported on the self-portrait "Metamorphosis".


Stains of color, dark shadows that emerge from the deep, scratches on the impasto material draw the face of a woman, making emerge from the confused feature what she hides under the enveloped human. The image symbolizes the hard and real confrontation of the ego with what becomes main focus of the work: death.


Only the naked confrontation with the fears and uncertainties that it generates and the immersion in the fullness of the pain allow, through a symbolic journey inside oneself, to recover its own dimension and a naive healing, joy of living.


Sandra Lacone born in 1969 lives and works in L'Aquila.


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of L'Aquila.




"Idleness" WS with Guslun Karamustafa by Teresa Macri (ABA-AQ).




Lithographic Laboratory with Romolo Bulla, Italian Printer since 1840.




Theatrical project with the Italian artist Fabrizio Crisafulli peculiar aspects of his work are the use of the light like autonomous subject of poetic construction.




Selected works (self-portrait, metamorphosis) for the premium visual arts "Synesthesia", painting section—L'Aquila- June 12- July 2010 Conservatory of Music"A. Casella". Casella".



Selected works (Acrylic on canvas - Title: Dispersa nel Caos (Lost in Chaos)) 157ma Mostra del Tigullio - public display in the Halls of the Economic Society of Chiavari from June 18 to 21, year 2015.